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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  March 6, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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abused his authority, disrespected his colleagues, and made a mockery of the democratic process. and now democrats say enough's enough. when chairman darrell issa ended the hearing without letting a single democrat speak, cutting off their microphones, he wasn't counting on this response from ranking democrat elijah cummings. >> if you will sit down and allow me to ask a question, i am a member of the congress of the united states of america. i am tired of this. we have -- you represent 700,000 people. you cannot just have a one-sided investigation. it is absolutely something wrong with that, and it's absolutely unamerican. >> chairman issa cut off
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congressman cummings' microphone twice, refusing to let him speak. today in the house, outraged democrats introduced a resolution condemning issa's actions. >> not only were chairman issa's actions an abuse of authority, they were in fact counterproductive. >> you see republicans simply trying to shut down and suspend democracy in the house of representatives. >> what happened was so outrageous, so demeaning, so unjudicial, so awful in every respect that we just absolutely have reached the boiling point. >> they've reached the boiling point. and today the congressional black caucus wrote to speaker boehner, demanding he remove issa as chair of the oversight committee. for three years issa has used his gavel to launch one witch-hunt after another. to make one baseless accusation after another. and it's time for that to stop. joining me now is the lawmaker
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who is leading the charge guest ice sack, congresswoman marcia fudge, chair woman of the congressional black caucus and msnbc's karen finney. good to see both you have tonight. >> thank you, reverend. >> congresswoman, was this the last straw for you? >> no question about it, rev. any time you allow one lawmaker to not only violate committee rules, house rules, but the official code of conduct of the united states congress and do nothing about it, something has to give. >> now, karen, believe it or not, chairman issa has blamed it all on congressman cummings and claims he is just looking for truth. listen to this. >> after an adjournment, he then perked up and said i want to ask a question. i said what is your question? and then that exchange occurred because he didn't have a question. he was endlessly slandering the
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efforts of the committee. but having said that, we want to get to the truth. >> now, after 16 hearings and millions of dollars that have been wasted on this, i mean, isn't it clear he is not interested in the truth, karen? >> well, absolutely. i think it's very clear chairman issa is not exactly a source that one would go to in search of the truth, nothing but the truth, and the whole truth. because as we know, thanks to congressman cummings, frankly, in the past, look at some of the other stages in this process where he withheld certain information in order to support a narrative in the media, like the fact that progressive groups were also investigated. so we know this is someone who has manipulated the facts, manipulated the information time and time again. >> you know, congresswoman, you've been in the congress and in state legislator. you've been a legislator for a while. have you ever seen this kind of behavior before by a chairman to
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ranking committee members? >> i've never seen this behavior by anyone, not just a chairman. representative issa brought dishonor on the house of representatives. he only wants his truth. he only wants to have one side of it. and he wants to be a bully. enough is enough. we are not going to sit by and allow him to bully representative cummings or any other member of congress. it is time for the leadership, the speaker to take the appropriate action and discipline someone who has violated the rules. and we are going to continue until we make him do it. >> now, have you heard from the speaker since you sent your letter? >> have i not heard personally from the speaker. i understand that he thought that the actions of representative issa could be defended. i don't know how they could be, because if they were defendable, they would have allowed us to debate on the house floor our privileged resolution. but because they knew they could not defend it, they tabld it. >> yeah, they did not allow that debate on the house floor.
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you raised a resolution and it was tabled. karen, isn't that really some -- something of note that they refused to let the debate about the activities of this chairman even be debated? they tabled it when you had scores of members of congress say let's bring this to the floor to discuss this behavior. >> well, absolutely. and by the way, rev, this is coming from the same people that are accusing president obama of being an imperial president, of trying to be king. >> right. >> only a dictator would shut down speech like that. >> and no doubt about it, chairman issa also says he is the one who deserves an apology, congresswoman. he says that congresswoman cummings should be apologizing to him. let me read his statement. he owes me an apology. i think he should be dealt with by his leadership. his conduct was inappropriate and rather shocking. >> let me say this. if darrell issa believes that
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anyone, republican or democrat, believes that elijah cummings should be doing any kind of apology, he really is delusional. every single member of the house of representatives know she's wrong, no matter how they voted. we are outraged, and we are not going to continue to allow him to act the way he has acted. he should be reprimanded, and we intend to make sure that he is. >> now, karen, this same chairman issa has been searching for a scandal, any scandal, i mean any one. you know, fast and furious, contraception, benghazi, irs, solyndra, world war ii memorial. i mean, just any scandal he can try to create into a scandal. >> well, that's exactly right. as you know, in each of these instances, he has made up scurrilous, wild accusations that sometimes not obviously
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based in fact. but, again, as we have learned from time to time, based on only a piece of the fax and his willingness to withhold information i think is incredibly troubling in conjunction with this kind of behavior. but you're right, reverend. they have tried -- issa in particular has been on a witch-hunt ever since the beginning of this presidency. >> now, you know, congresswoman, you said on my radio show earlier today that you felt that it was important people understand this is not just about congressman elijah cummings, a member of your caucus. this is about how you allowed certain behavior and not allowed certain behavior in the house of representatives. >> there is no question about it. this is bigger than elijah cummings. he has brought dishonor on the house of representatives of which all of russ members. he is a person that believes in fiction. we believe in fax. if he thinks he has not violated the rules, then he needs to read
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them. he has done everything possible to try to make it seem as though elijah is the bad guy. but he is the bad guy. and at some point, the entire country will see it, because if he continues his witch-hunt, if he continues to make up facts, people are going to see him for who he is. and until he does that, until we do that, we will have lost any credibility at the house of representatives if we cannot reprimand and discipline our own. >> well, let me play some of the tape of what he did. let the country see some of it now. this is some more of the actual actions that was taken by chairman issa on yesterday. >> therefore we adjourn. >> chairman, chairman, i have a statement. i have a procedural question, mr. chairman. mr. chairman, i have a procedural question. >> we've adjourned. >> mr. chairman, you cannot run a committee like this. you just cannot do this.
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this is -- we're better than that as a country. we're better than that as a committee. have i asked for a few minutes to ask a procedural -- >> we're adjourned. >> i don't care. the fact is i'm asking a question. i am a ranking member of the committee, and i want to ask a question. what are we hiding? what is the big deal? may i ask my question? my i state my statement? >> we're all free to leave. we've adjourned. but the gentleman may ask his question. >> the witness had just plead the fifth, and no democrat had spoken. you saw there congressman cummings, the ranking democrat politely ask can i ask a question. he turned his back on him. he got up and walked away. then he told him to turn off his mic. then he dismissively said you can ask a question, but everyone can leave. i mean, this doesn't go on in
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elementary school in student council meetings, congresswoman. >> and you know what, reverend? it's not the first time he has done it. he has done it to other members of the committee. i think it just got to be a tipping point. and we have just decided as an entire democratic caucus that we are no longer going to sit back and allow any member to treat us the way that mr. issa treated our ranking member. >> chairwoman marcia fudge and karen finney, thanks to both of you for your time tonight. >> thank you, reverend. >> be sure to watch "disrupt" with karen finney weekends at 4:00 p.m. eastern right here on msnbc. up next, we'll play a little game of who said it. darrell issa or rush limbaugh? republicans have been hijacked by the right wing media, and now they're paying the price. plus, how low can they go? some of the gop's biggest names
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gathered today to see who could say the worst possible thing about president obama. . >> we have long thought and said this president is a smart man. it may be time to revisit that assumption. >> it's ugly, and it's got to stop. all that, plus the one and only russell simmons live here in our studio. stay with us. [ male announcer ] sponges, take your mark!
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i've asked for a few minutes to ask a procedural -- >> we have adjourned. >> i don't care. the fact is i'm asking a question. i am the ranking member of this committee. and i wanted to ask a question. what are we hiding? >> it was an unbelievable moment. republican congressman darrell issa cutting off a democrat's microphone. it showed the extremes of disrespect among some in the gop. they'll say or do anything. they sound more like conservative radio host than members of congress. for example, did rush limbaugh or congressman issa call president obama one of the
3:16 pm
most -- one of the most corrupt presidents in modern times? yep. that was issa. and was it rush or senator john cornyn who said he wasn't impressed with attorney general eric holder's intelligence? you guessed it, that was the senator. and it was limb baugh or congresswoman michele bachmann who accused the president of impeachable offenses? well, that was kind of a trick question, because both of them have. the ugly talk isn't just on right-wing radio anymore. and the words coming from members of congress, they're a little harder to tune out. joining me now are joe madison and bill press. thank you both for being here. >> thank you. >> great to be here, reverend al. >> joe, it is just me, or do you have trouble telling the right wing pundits from the politicians apart?
3:17 pm
>> no, i don't have trouble telling them apart, only because they're inseparable twins. i think that's the actual truth about it. and the reality is that i think, reverend, they have maybe flatline is a medical term. but i think they have reached bottom. they are no longer converting anyone. first of all, congress is at its lowest rating period. it has been for a long time. but i believe if a poll is taken right now, we would see the fact that they're losing support among independents. they're losing support among various demographic groups. so to put it in a term that a lot of people understand,
3:18 pm
they're just preaching to the choir. >> and the choir doesn't sing in tune. >> that's right. that's right. that's right. >> bill, let me ask you this. this week we heard the right wing bubble's ugly, very ugly attacks on the president over the crisis in ukraine. take a listen to this. >> we have a weak and indecisive president that invites aggression. >> are you saying that because of president obama's weakness, that there is -- we are undergoing, the world right now, a geopolitical shift? >> i think putin is playing chess, and i think we're playing marbles. >> you look at what he is doing with president obama, he is like toying with him. >> he makes a decision and he executes it. quickly. then everybody reacts. that's what you call a leader. president obama, got to think about it. >> you have a top kgb officer, vladimir putin, versus a failed community organizer, barack obama. who do you think is going to come out on top in this? >> now, it shouldn't even be a political issue in the first place, bill.
3:19 pm
but, i mean, isn't it hard to tell the talkers and the lawmakers apart? >> yeah. well, first of all, there used to be a difference. i mean, look, joe and i are both talk show hosts you. don't hear that kind of ugly talk coming from the left that you do the right. even on the right there used to be a difference you. would expect no standards at all. anything goes for the talk show hosts. but there was always some respect for some civility for members of congress. no longer today. rush limbaugh is michele bachmann. rush limbaugh, steve king is rush limbaugh. they are one and the same, as joe said. but on this attacking obama and blaming him, you know what this is, reverend al, it's blame obama first. it's blame america first. i mean, the whole idea that putin decided he would invite ukraine because he thinks barack obama is a weak president, you know, just last week republicans were complaining that obama was a bully. they were accusing him of acting
3:20 pm
like a king, like a monarch in using executive power too strong. now they're saying she a weakling. they can't make up their mind. whatever happens, it's always blame obama. >> and isn't this the reason why they can't win a national election, joe? they're kind of caught, trapped in their own bubble? >> yes. and it's also a reason, if we look at what has happened in some district elections, i think texas where there has been some tea party challenges, the tea party has not won. that's what i mean. they're not winning converts. you know, if you're going to do this, you want to grow. they're not growing. and that's why i say, i think even people in the republican party are embarrassed. i think what issa did was he really -- you know, quite honestly, he really blew his own
3:21 pm
chance to make his own point there was something called a proffer, which basically means that the attorney -- and he knew, the attorney was prepared to answer his ten questions. here is the point, america. he didn't really want to hear the answer because the answer would have for all practical purposes ended the investigation. >> now, bill, you know, republican lawmakers are obsessed. i mean, just obsessed with smearing this president. here is one of their favorite lines. >> this makes watergate look like child's play. >> somebody the other day said to me this is as bad as watergate. nobody died in watergate. >> this is far worse than watergate. nobody died in watergate. >> get to the bottom of it like we did in watergate and iran/contra. >> if you add watergate and iran/contra together and multiply it by ten or so, you're going get into the zone of what benghazi is. >> you see watergate left and right all over the place.
3:22 pm
>> yeah, well, you know, it's so sickening. if they're not comparing everything to watergate that. >> comparing everything to hitler or the nazis. they'll pull anything out of the fire that they can. back to ukraine for just a second. i think we used to speak with one voice, one american voice when somebody else would invade another country. it wasn't that long ago saddam hussein invaded kuwait. americans united behind george h.w. bush to push saddam hussein out of kuwait. today, if that happened today, do you think they would blame george bush? probably not. but they're blaming obama. this guy attacked one of our allies. well ought to unite behind our president and do what we can to force him out of there. >> beyond blaming the president on the ukraine situation, joe, they actually started praising the macho of putin. they actually started acting as if putin were some invincible
3:23 pm
macho man, and that obama should learn leadership from him. >> yeah, well, tell that to bin laden. and all the other people that the president has captured. i mean, it was -- he is sitting up there tweeting about the fact that the president was wearing jeans on a saturday talking to putin on the telephone, as if putin cared what the president was wearing. i mean, this is childish when you really think about it. you know, he -- so putin's bare-chested. obama is fully dressed, but he is wearing jeans. i mean, how silly can you get when two super powers are about ready to square off with each other, and you're talking to the american people about who is wearing -- who is either shirtless or who is wearing jeans? >> right. >> one final point, reverend al.
3:24 pm
lindsey graham says we have a weak and indecisive president that invites aggression. what about in 2008 when putin invaded georgia? what did george w. bush do? nothing. what did lindsey graham say about it? nothing. >> nothing. >> yeah. blame obama first. >> well, nothing like a good old double standard. joe madison and bill press, thank you both for your time tonight. >> any time. have a great weekend. coming up, russell simmons joins me live tonight to talk about republicans, rap culture. his new book, and what it feels like to be on the nra's enemies list. but first, a massive dose of hypocrisy from senators voting against one of president obama's nominees. it's tonight's got you. ♪
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yesterday senate republicans and a few democrats voted down his nominee to lead the civil rights division at the justice department. and what was supposedly wrong? he was the head of the naacp's legal defense fund when the group defended a man accused of killing a police officer. >> his advocacy on behalf of the nation's most notorious cop killer glorify, glorify an unrepentant cop killer. >> his record and what he actually has done create serious doubt. >> go out of their way to advocate for, to celebrate, to lionize convicted cop killers. >> he didn't celebrate or lionize his client. he defended him. he provided a constitutional right. there is a difference. maybe senator cruz and the republicans can use a little history lesson.
3:29 pm
in 1770, an american lawyer defended british soldiers following the boston massacre. he called it, quote, one of the best pieces of service i ever rendered my country. that man was john adams, who later became president. another lawyer two centuries later defended a convicted murder on death row, and he did it pro bono, for free. that man was john roberts. gop senators didn't seem to have any qualms about confirming him as chief justice back in 2005. and nen there is the lawyer who defended a client in the kids for cash scandal. that client was accused of bribing judges to send children to jail. and that lawyer is now a u.s. senator named ted cruz. do we blame senator cruz for the
3:30 pm
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♪ people like to say the republican party is fractured, that the gop can't agree on anything these days. well, that's just wrong. they're unified in one thing, their opposition to president obama. today kicked off the big annual meeting of conservatives, cpac, and the attacks on president obama were personal and ugly. >> you know, we have long thought and said this president is a smart man. it may be time to revisit that assumption. we've got a constitutional scholar as president. it strikes me he might benefit, he might benefit if he actually
3:34 pm
reads the constitution every now and then. this president graduated from some of the best schools in the country. if i were him, and if he would like some free advice, if i were him, i could consider suing harvard law school to get his money back, because i'm not sure what he learned in three years. >> this from the man who told the gop to stop being the stupid party. even so-called moderates like governor christie joined in. >> the leader of the government, you see something ready to go off the rails, and what you decide to do is stay as far away from it as possible. if that's your attitude, mr. president, what the hell are we paying you for? >> governor christie's administration is embroiled in scandal, and yet he is questioning the president's leadership? forget substance, forget policy. today's speakers were only interested in popping off one-liners about president obama. >> the president of the united states is treating our constitution worse than a place
3:35 pm
matt at denny's. >> we need to stop the lawlessness. this president of the united states is the first president we've ever had who thinks he can choose which laws to enforce and which laws to ignore. >> we can overcome these economic challenges because the good news is the primary cause of them is a president who is done in three years. >> russia and putin. you know, you look at what he is doing with president obama, he is like toying with him. he is toying with him. >> president carter, i want to issue a sincere apology. it is no longer to fair to say he was the worst president of this great country in my lifetime. president obama has proven me wrong. >> republicans talked a lot about leadership today. it's about time they showed some themselves. joining me now are krystal ball and dana milbank. thank you both for cottage the show tonight. >> thanks for having us, reverend. >> thanks, reverend. >> krystal, judging by cpac
3:36 pm
today, is opposition to the president about the only thing that unifies the gop these days? >> pretty much. you have to ask yourself, this president is not going to be in office forever. >> right. >> what are they going to do after he moves on? i think these lines are obviously easy punch lines for their base who save said this rhetoric that this president is the worst human being on the planet. so they're easy laugh lines. they're easy applause lines. but they mask the fact that the republican party has no ideas of their own. one of the things that i just found unbelievable is paul ryan talked about how they were the party of ideas. really? like what? their entire economic philosophy has been debunked. they have nothing to stand on. so the only thing they can come back to is hatred of this president. >> you know, dana, the names of the panel discussions at cpac just give you a taste of where the gop is these days. there is one called health care after obama, a practical guide
3:37 pm
for living when no one has insurance and america runs out of doctors. i mean, it's the actual name of a panel. another is the american dream versus the obama nightmare: income inequality. yet another, obama's irs. . political arm of the left. these don't exactly require scholars to chair these sessions. >> yeah. i actually sat in on the obamacare apocalypse oppression today. it was very lightly attended, reverend, and i think that says a lot about where things are at cpac right now, because the conservative movement is verier fractured. consider that the speaker of the house, john boehner was snubbed, was not allowed to come and speak to cpac, the highest ranking republican in the land. and it was so disunified, that across the street from this, breitbart news was running a
3:38 pm
rival convention because they thought cpac was not anti-obama and not conservative enough. so the idea of focusing on obama actually makes sense from the point of view they disagree on so very little there, they need to focus on the one thing they disagree on. and in fairness, there actually another. each of them were bashing the media, which is always a safe thing to do in this environment 689. >> some people thought cpac was not anti-obama enough? >> that's right. it was the voice of moderation. so across the street -- >> wow. >> you had breitbart having even more extreme crowd. although ted cruz spoke to both. >> i would like to see the panel names for that other conference. >> we couldn't put them on tv, krystal. >> let me ask you this, krystal. senator mitch mcconnell took the stage holding a rifle. he later said he carried it out to present to senator corbin as an nra achievement award. was this his best attempt at
3:39 pm
winning over the far right crowd he is being challenged by in kentucky? >> i think that's right. he is being challenged from the right in kentucky. he is being challenged from the left and the center in kentucky. he is in a very tough battle. a lot of times conservatives, because the party is so fractured, and because they stand actually on so little, their economic philosophy doesn't stand up to scrutiny, they have very little to offer that the country actually wants from them, they fall back on these cultural symbols like a gun. this is a symbol to his base that he is one of them, without having to say a word. that's a lot of what they rely on. i think obama bashing has become one of those cultural symbols for the right. >> paul ryan said today, dana, the liberals are only offering people a full stomach and an empty soul. and then he told this story about a kid receiving school lunch. listen. >> the left is making a big
3:40 pm
mistake here. what they're offering people is a full stomach and an empty soul. the american people want more than that. every day at school, he would get a free lunch from a government program. he didn't want a free lunch. he wanted his own lunch, one in a brown paper bag just like the other kids. he wanted one, he said, because he knew a kid with a brown paper bag had someone who cared for him. >> and i used to get free lunch in school, because that's the only way my mom could give me lunch. maybe he wanted his mother to have a job. i mean, the absurd logic to that is like mothers choose not to give their kids lunch for the most part if they can. >> poor mothers, anyway. >> right, right. i guess he can solve the problem by giving all these children an empty stomach. paul ryan has put out his budget
3:41 pm
now, which is of course decimating the social welfare net as his previous budgets have done. this is what paul ryan has been all about for some period of time. you know, it was interesting. paul ryan also was saying in this speech that he did not see that there was a civil war within the conservative movement. i think he is right. it wasn't really the establishment versus the conservative. it was more of a free-for-all we saw there. >> you know, krystal, one of the things that i think undermines their message, and people have the right to agree and disagree. >> sure. >> i think that's what the country should do. but the complete insensitivity to the poor and almost mocking their poverty an mocking them for their being less fortunate and taking one or two bad apples and acting as though all of them were like that, and if people choose to be poor. i really think it hurts them
3:42 pm
politically. and it certainly must hurt them morally. >> well, how are we supposed to take paul ryan seriously when he says he cares about the poor and he wants to help address poverty. they just released this big report on poverty this week. how are we supposed to take him seriously when he says something like that about school lunch that shows he has utter contempt for the poor, that he would think that a poor mother chooses not to send her child lunch, rather than that she is doing the best that she possibly can, and that we should help them out by providing free lunch, by helping the mom get a leg up. i mean, he and his caucus are standing in the way of creating jobs for that mother so that she can afford to buy a lunch for her son. it's infuriating. >> after they go and vote against free lunch and against a jobs bill. >> absolutely. >> krystal ball and dana milbank, thank you for your time this evening. >> thanks, reverend. >> and be sure to catch crist 1258 on "the cycle" weekdays at 3:00 p.m. eastern right here on msnbc.
3:43 pm
still ahead, the growing mystery about the mother who drove her children into the ocean. everyone survived. and now we're hearing what happened before this dramatic video. also, elizabeth warren takes down a key right wing talking point. but first, russell simmons joins us live here in studio to talk about republicans, culture, and his new book. stay with us. [ woman ] i will embrace change...
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he's the co-founder of def jam recordings, a entrepreneur, activist and philanthropist, and author. and he is out with the new book. it's titled "success through stillness." he is the one and only russell simmons, and he joins us here on "politicsnation." russell, always great to see you and have you in the studios. >> it's a great pleasure to see you again, as always. >> now, i want to talk to you about the book. i heard it's number one on -- >> the wellness chart and a few others. it's only a few days old. i hope to make the best-sellers list overall this week. one thing is i give all the money away. but the gift is not what i would be able to do for charity with it, is i want all kids to
3:48 pm
meditate. every morning i get up, i take my kids to school. i meditate with them for 20 minutes, and then take them to school. at all the schools we have kids meditating -- >> you have the kids meditating? >> i meditate every morning with my kids. >> what does that do? >> there is lots of research. some of the research is in the book. when you're 8, the left and right sides of your brain start to celebraseparate. and it's important to have these two function together. so it brings those back in line, for one. it strengthens the nervous system which strengthens the immune system, which improves brain functionality. >> right. >> we all are searching for clarity. and you as a minister know this idea of christ consciousness. this idea of being fully awake. you've been there. i'm sure at some point you played basketball. >> right. >> you've been this the zone. >> right. >> and when the world is moving at the pace shot be moving at, but the fluctuations of the mind, which is the cause of sickness and sadness in every one of us, we have hundreds of
3:49 pm
thoughts at a time. but when you're in that zone, it's only one thought. so you can't miss that rim. you know, you've been in car accident. >> right. >> so meditation is a tool. it's the greatest tool we know of for thousands of years to have a person become fully focused. and i think that's what we all need is focus. and in fact, all of your happy moments, all of your creative moments, all of the moments that really promote well-being come in the present moment. and you want to work to moving to a more present state of consciousness. >> let me ask you this. the world know you helped bring rap music to another level. i was at the white house last week when the president announced his "my brother's keeper". >> yes, sir. >> and later that day bill o'reilly said the problem was gangster rappers were poisonous. what do you think about that? >> an old claim. they said that about rock 'n roll, about blues, about jazz. you know, the sad truth is artists -- not the sad. the truth is artists always
3:50 pm
express the realities of our society. sometimes they're harsh realities, and we don't want to face them. for instance, if you said rappers were sexist, i would say rabbis were more sexist. if you said rappers were racist, i says they weren't as racist as their parents. if you say they are homophobic, i would say they weren't as homophobic as their parents. and if you say they're gangster, they're just telling us our truth. they're sharing what is going on in our communities. when 80 kids get shot in one weekend in a community, and it doesn't make the news, and you hear a poet talk about it, then it should help you address it. but they shouldn't ignore it. so rappers, that's what they've been doing for many years. >> but let me ask. when you say the wrong thing, because you and i have debated the "n" word. and we've agreed to disagree. >> yeah. >> what do you think about the nfl now saying we're going to
3:51 pm
put penalties on their words? >> i don't spend a lot of time on language. reverend, i'm concerned with -- so much suffering and so much unconscious behavior, i think meditation -- it's why i talk about the book. when you wake up and decide what you think is important. language is not important to me. 40 billion animals born into suffering, which i consider to be the worst disaster in the world, the same 40 animals the greatest cause of global warming, the same 40 billion animals that take up all the oil, the water, and the grain, and all it does is cause sickness and cancer, i say well, why would we do that? why can't i work on that? why can't i work on gay rights? why can't i work on the prison industrial complex and what it's done in the fabric in the black community. i don't worry about language. >> we'll still debate later. let me ask you something before we run out of time about the book. you said you would love to get this in school systems. >> absolutely.
3:52 pm
i'm going to chicago, and i want rahm emanuel to work with the chancellor to work with the principals as we have done in other cities to get meditation in the schools. what i do -- >> what would it do? would it help with the violence? >> you must know and in the hood, in the battleground of washington, he has quiet time in schools. and it has transformed the school dramatically. the fact that kids need quiet time. all of us need to let our brains rest. we work out. we do things for our muscles. but the most important muscle, the brain, we don't do anything for it. quiet time is critical in a child's development. it promotes creativity. it promotes happiness and focus. and kids need that. and so this is why i want to -- it's a big mission to me to put meditation in all the schools. this is a simple, simple guide. i wrote it for those who are worried about meditation. it demystifies meditation. >> gives them a guide?
3:53 pm
>> it's a simple guide. you can read that book. i could teach you to meditate in ten minutes. >> well, russell simmons, it's always great to have you. the right wing ought to know, he is the only one in america that can keep me silent for 20 minutes. the book is "success through stillness" available now wherever books are sold. >> that was pretty good, rev. thank you. coming up, elizabeth warren. we'll be right back. so i got the new nokia lumia icon. it's got 1080p video, three times zoom, and a twenty-megapixel sensor. it's got the brightest display, so i can see what i'm shooting -- even outdoors, and 4 mics that capture incredible sound. plus, it has apps like vine -- and free cloud storage. my new lumia icon is so great, even our wipeouts look amazing. ♪ honestly, i want to see you be brave ♪ ♪
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3:55 pm
we're learning more about the mystery, about what might have led to a pregnant woman driving her van into the ocean with her three children ages 3, 9, and 10 inside. thankfully, some heroes ran toward the van and helped pull the three kids to safety. tonight we know the mother, ebony wilkerson, is still under mental evaluation. we also know two hours prior to the incident, ebony's sister called police, worried. >> my sister was getting abused by her husband. i tried to take her to the hospital yesterday. she signed herself out today. she's getting a little bit better, but she is still not all here. so she is trying to drive, and i'm trying to stop her. and she has her kids. i took her keys. >> i don't understand why you need a well-being check.
3:56 pm
>> because she is having psychosis or something. or a postpartum. >> her sister just released a statement saying the kids are now under judicial supervision, and that the mother came to volusia county to seek the safety of family after fleeing south carolina to get away from domestic violence. the sister also said the family thanks the brave men who risked their lives to save the mother and the children. we'll be right back. [ girl ] my mom, she makes underwater fans that are powered by the moon. ♪ she can print amazing things, right from her computer. [ whirring ] [ train whistle blows ] she makes trains that are friends with trees. ♪ my mom works at ge. ♪ my mom works at ge. life could be hectic. as a working mom of two young boys
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tell your doctor about all medical conditions and medications. serious side effects could include increased risk of prostate cancer, worsening prostate symptoms, decreased sperm count, ankle, feet or body swelling, enlarged or painful breasts, problems breathing while sleeping and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redness or irritation where applied, increased red blood cell count, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. ask your doctor about axiron. billionaires or students? that's the choice elizabeth warren is asking america to make. today senator warren laid out a new plan to expand opportunity for the next generation. it would tax millionaires and use that revenue to help students refinance loans. >> i think about it this way because i think about the choice that america makes. think about this.
3:59 pm
right now in order to finance the united states government, we take in billions of dollars of profits off student loans, but permit billionaires to have another loopholes that they pay at tax rates that can be lower than those of their secretaries. so this is a straight forward choice. we can take $75 billion and either say we'll use it to protect tax loopholes for billionaires, or $75 billion can be used to help students refinance their outstanding student loan debt. it's billionaires or students. >> billionaires or students. sometimes it's easy to see. i'm glad senator warren is in washington fighting. that's what i call another good investment. i learned in sunday school when i was a kid where your treasures lie, lies your heart. where is our heart?
4:00 pm
in future with the students or taking care of billionaires that have already been blessed? thanks for watching. i'm al sharpton. "hardball" starts right now. jamboree of the wild. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. let me start tonight with this. do you remember the bar scene in "star wars" with all the wild-eyed creatures from every part of the solar system? today in washington the whole tapestry of weirdness was reenacted at the annual convention of cpac. conservative doesn't quite capture this out of this world jamboree. at cpac, it's the far-out sharing space with the fer


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